Hypnotism is a science through which the outer mind of an individual can be brought to sleep and the inner mind roused and governed so as to obtain desired results. Thus we see the human being has two minds. The outer mind remains conscious while the inner mind is always active. At times we have noticed that the hand which slips to go near the fire, withdraws itself as suddenly. The outer mind being lost in some other contemplation has not noticed the hand reaching near the fire, while the inner mind being always active gets it withdrawn from the impending danger. Hypnotism based on three postulates:
1) Hope: It offers itself as the most important and active base to reach the state of the hypnotized.
2) Will: It accelerates the state of hypnotization and further develops it to achieve integrity.
3) Effect: It is through effect that the hypnotist succeeds in establishing a more effective influence on his subject
Hypnotism is based on certain concrete principle. It has remained shrouded in the thick layers of secrecy for many years, which also explains why it remained stagnant. But the little we know of it has proved to be highly valuable in that it contributed a lot to improving the quality of life.

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One must closely follow these principles if one wants to emerge as a successful hypnotist:
1) Any sane person whether man or woman can be a successful hypnotist. It recognizes no distinction. It is not at all essential that one must be a genius to be hypnotist. It is entirely misleading to hold that this knowledge is divine or a god-gift. It is a science which one must learn steadily.
2) An insane or idiotic or mentally retarded person cannot be hypnotized. In other words the person to be hypnotized needs be a person of normal intelligence.
3) It is easier to hypnotize a subject whose age is identical to that of the hypnotist. The hypnotist aged 30 may have his subject between 20 to 40 years old.
4) In the state of hypnotic sleep the inner potential of the subject lends itself for a better realization, further development and right orientation.
5) Hypnotism makes the outer mind asleep by contriving an artificial sleep.
6) Every care should be taken to ensure and a half-baked knowledge leads to immense harm.

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